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Galvanized trailers

You can consult our price lists by clicking here

All our trailers are tipping with reinforced drawbar and leaf-spring suspension

  • As standard :
    - Bottom in sheet steel
    - Fixed sides
    - 1.10m x 1.60m useful dimensions (640S et 840T)
    - 1.30 m x 2.00 m useful dimensions (740S et 940T)

  • Professional series :
    - Anti-skid wooden bottom 16 mm
    - Removable panels
    - 1.10m x 1.60m useful dimensions (650S et 850T
    - 1,30 m x 2,00 m utile (750S et 950T)

  • Wheels (on both production series) :
    - Single-axle assembly (640S, 740S, 650S et 750S)
       Two 23x10.5x12 lawn wheels
    - Two-axle assembly (840T, 850T, 940T et 950T)
       Four 18x8.5x8 wheels on walking beams
       Possible options on two-axle trailers :
       » Four 22x11x8 low-pressure wheels
       » Four 20x10x8 lawn wheels

    Lighting optional on all models

Four lawn wheels, three removable panels version

possibility of 22 x 11 x 8 low pressure wheels

Mechanically-welded walking beams, supports heavy loads

  •    Options :

B&S trailer with screen sides

Braking system

Hydraulic dumping system



If you have a project, an idea, contact us, we shall study with you this project.