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Tracks for quads and trailers

You can consult our price lists by clicking here


- Tracks kit mountable on quad: -

  • Highly effective on very wet ground

  • Towing capacity doubled due to good adherence

  • Maximum speed 45km/h

  • Mountable on the original back wheels

  • The kit can be fixed to the tow bar

  • The original ball is placed at the back of the tracks

  • Assembly time: 1 hour



- Tracks kit mountable on trailer: -

  • Includes four complete 20.5-8-10 wheels

  • Includes two extendible walking beams

  • Possibility of controlling trailers with tracks

  • Mounts on various equipment (flatbed trailers, full trailers, etc.)



If you have a project, an idea, contact us, we shall study with you this project.